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Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

St. Petersburg
Foundation: 19.02.1899
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Design
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Management
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is a major Russian technical university providing courses in engineering, physics, economics, humanities and information technology. SPbPU offers 50+ Bachelor's degree programs, 200+ Master's degree programs, 90 doctorate programs and 90 PhD programs, in addition to non-degree and international education programs. SPbPU is a national research university which combines multidisciplinary R&D activities with advanced technology to prepare graduates to work in today’s competitive marketplace.
SPbPU educates more than 31,000 students with about 6 000 international students including from over 100 countries. The university has partnerships with about 300 universities, about 130 scientific and research institutions and over 150 companies from over than 50 countries. SPbPU is home to over 20 international research centres which carry out research collaborations with major companies including Motorola, Microsoft, Siemens, LG, Apple and AT&T.
You will get profound knowledge and practical skills as well as rich and intensive cultural and entertaining time in one of the most beautiful cities in Russia! There are a few best things about Saint- Petersburg as:
Great city for sightseeing;

Brilliant architecture and stunning views;

Exciting cultural and social life;

Magic White Nights in summer;

and intelligent friendly people around! 

Today, the university's structure includes 11 Institutes, over 100 departments and 120 R&E laboratories; a big number of research centres, innovation laboratories and a science park, fundamental library, campus, medical centre, modern sports centres.
St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is happy to offer international programs taught both in Russian and in English, which are very popular among students from all over the world. Students, who are willing to get undergraduate and postgraduate degrees taught in Russian, may take a Foundation Program.
Studying in St. Petersburg
You will definitively benefit from studies and everyday life in Russia’s most beautiful– Saint-Petersburg! The city is considered to be a steady bridge between Russia and Europe, welcoming people from all over the world.
International students are provided with double accommodation in a two-room apartment with shared facilities and a kitchen in the comfortable student dormitory.
The campus of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is located in the north-west district of the city, very close to underground (subway). You can easily get to the centre of the city using the underground (subway) within 20 minutes. The nearest underground station is 5-7 minutes walk from the student dormitory.
Being the second capital of Russia, Saint-Petersburg is considered to be an attractive place to see marvellous architecture and cultural features welcoming over 5 000 000 people every year.
Here are just a few best things about the city:
Plenty of sightseeing and must-see attractions
Exciting cultural and social life
Magic white nights in summer
Cosmopolitan city
Come and enjoy staying in the most charming city ever
Education and Studies
SPbPU is happy to offer a wide range of programs in both in Russian and English in Engineering, Natural Sciences, Economics and Management, IT, Design, and Humanities. One may also benefit from taking one of our double degree programs and get up-to-date competences.
Our programs:
Degree Programs in Russian
Degree Programs in English
Double Degree Programs
Foundation Programs
Exchange Programs
Russian Studies Programs
International Polytechnic Summer School

Our students are provided with such attractive options as to going for studies abroad for a semester or two to our partner universities, on-campus accommodation, scholarships for talented students, and plenty of resources to do a profound research. Our graduates are highly demanded on the labour market and take top positions in such companies as Siemens, Rosatom, Roscosmos, Gazprom, LG, Philips, Boeing, etc.
Campus and Student Life
The campus is located in the north-west district of the city very close to the metro. The centre of the city can be reached within 20 minutes by metro or public transport. A great part of the campus is a large green park. Almost all the academic and administration buildings, dormitories and other facilities are consolidated within one campus area.
Our students are offered with plenty of communities and a range of sports and other facilities such as swimming pool, football, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, a hockey pitch, different gyms, a skiing centre, sports and recreation camps, healthcare facilities and other.
Get smart studies in a great city!
Cost of education: 290 000 rubles.
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