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NOUR Education

Altiseer Establishment Egypt (“Altiseer”) was established in 1996 as a company in the business of international economic relations.
The offices of Altiseer are located in Cairo (Head Office), Ismailia, Port Said.

In 2008, NOUR Education was established as a department of Altiseer specializing in the development of international relations through the field of education.

Through its close ties to U.K. education specialists, NOUR Education is able to provide professional university admissions advice to international students seeking private school placements in the best U.K. schools.

NOUR Education has a separate division dedicated to the Russian educational sector.  This was a natural progression as the General Director of NOUR Education, Dr Ainur Sultanova, is a citizen of the Russian Federation with a doctorate degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in finance from the prestigious Moscow State University - High School of Economics.

• Lomonosov Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology –  Lomonosov Moscow State Technical University
• Engineer – Chemist - Technologist / Diploma with an evaluation of Excellent.

• Lomonosov Moscow State  University
• Colloid & Membrane Chemistry / Doctor in Chemistry

• Moscow State University – Higher School of Economics
• Finance & Credit / Financial Manager
Through her work over the past decade with various educational institutions, Dr Sultanova has also fostered excellent relations with a select group of internationally ranked Russian universities such as:
• Bauman Moscow State Technical University

• Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

• Moscow Aviation Institute – National Research University

This has placed NOUR Education in an ideal position to provide educational advisory services for students wishing to study at one of the many prestigious speciality universities located within the Russian Federation. 
Dr Ainur Sultanova has been residing in Cairo over the past 15 years.  Her strong awareness and familiarity with local educational requirements have placed her in an ideal position to provide professional and impartial education consultancy services to parents and students seeking to choose Russia or the U.K. to continue their secondary or higher education.  

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