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Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Foundation: 01.07.1830
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Moscow State Technical University University (MSTU) named after Bauman is one of the most prestigious Russian universities. His story began in 1826, when, by decree of the Empress, an educational institution was set up intended for orphaned children of Russian citizens. Today MSTU named after Bauman is a university whose diploma gives an excellent opportunity to find highly paid work both in Russia and abroad.

The Bauman Moscow State Technical University is famed as the pioneer in the area of aerospace system developments. The scholars are involved in researches associated with information and telecommunication systems, nanosystem industry, terrorism safety and countermeasures. In early 2014, the students of the International Space School at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University came up with the proposal of the man-related visit of Mars by a bus-sized asteroid. According to young researchers, the route to Mars is feasible to take inside the orb. The University scholars are also engaged in the program of new medication development for leukaemia management. 

Why Moscow State Technical University?

  • 30 research institutes and 10 research centres are based at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
  • The main building of the University lies in the Sloboskoy Castle of XVIII-XIX centuries.
  • The Launch Control Center is placed at the Youth Space Center at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
  • The specified Business incubator is launched at the University to support student projects and first-time entrepreneurs.

Factsheets about Moscow State Technical University

  • The Bauman Moscow State Technical University is the first technical university in Russia.
  • Sergey Pavlovich Korolev, Design Engineer, graduated from the University. Korolev arranged to launch the first Earth-satellite vehicle in the world to the deep space orbit. He also contributed to the first world’s astronaut travel.
  • The rotorcraft served to get scissors to cut the ribbon during the opening of the Educational and Laboratory Unit.
  • The International Scientific School for Youth “Space Exploration: Theory and Practice” runs in the summertime at the University. The school attendants are engaged in modelling rockets, space facilities; meetings with spacemen are arranged at the Star City.
Cost of education: 230 000 rubles.
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